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Class Descriptions


Art Exploration: Hands on exploration of art using many different techniques and mediums. Emphasis placed on basic colors and shapes in a positive environment.



Drawing & Painting: Exploring many art mediums: pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastels and more in a structured class.


Advanced Drawing & Painting: In depth exploration of pencil, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastel and more in a studio setting.


Basic Drawing Skills: Learning the bsics of drawing using line, value, tone and texture. Animals, still life and landscapes.


Studio Art: Exploring all art mediums in a studio setting.


Cartooning: Learning to tell "your story" with structured cartoon techniques, while developing your own characters.


Fashion Design: A study of the fashion model, inspiration boards and fashion designs of the seasons.



A curriculum based art program beginning with the basics and progressing into all fine art mediums, while learning about various artists.



High School Portfolio: Designed for the student who wants to "produce" artwork for portfolio consideration.


Teen Studio: Exploration of all fine art mediums in a tudio setting. Emphasis on techniques and structure on all pieces.


Perspective:  This class will teach the student the skills to create realistic art representing a three-dimensional scene in a two-dimensional medium. Learn important lessons that will improve your art and last a lifetime



Open Studio: Simplicity in learning to paint what you see. Concentrating on a limited palatte in watercolor, oil and acrylics.


Beginning Drawing: Solid instruction in handling line, tone, value, proportion and perspective. Pencil techniques, working from observation and photographs. *Veterans are free (material cost only).


Drawing: Solid instruction in handeling line, proportion and tone. A full range of pencil techniques.


Senior Open Studio: Drop in class. All mediums can be used. Instructor available for consulting and critiques.


Perspective:  Student will learn and practice all aspects of perspective to use in creating art with accurate depth.


Beginning Watercolor: Simplicity in learning to paint what you see. Master the many techniques in watercolor.

*Veterans are free (material cost only).


Watercolor: Simplicity in learning to paint what you see. Concentrating on a limited palette in watercolor. Working from still life or photographs, and discovering the techniques in watercolor.


Beginning Oil: People will become familiar with basic wet into wet, glazing, dragged brush, knife painting techniques and more, while using photographs and still life. *Veterans are free (material cost only).


Oil & Acrylic: Working from still life or photographs and discovering the techniques in your favorite medium..


3 Week Courses: Continue to check website for each course! Every 3 weeks will be different. Color theory, chinese brush painting, card design, etc.


Open Create: Drop in class. A great opportunity to explore and define your work in any fine art medium. Teacher available for critiques.

*No instruction



Painter's Palette: Mastering your inner artist in our painting parties. Acrylic painting on a 16 x 20 cnvas. Monthly calendar available.
Parent & Child: Enjoy painting with your child. Exploring acrylic medium on canvas in our studio setting. Animals are our focus! 11 x 14 canvas.
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