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Marilyn Meredith

    When famed handwriting expert Ruth Holmes analyzed Marilyn Meredith’s style, she predicted that a tremendous artistic gift was sure to be realized.  After years of working in the printing industry, Marilyn became successful in the field of commercial real estate and, after almost 25 years in that industry, retired in June of 2023.  She has refined her artistic skills into a wonderful fulfillment of the experts’ prediction.  Her works are in homes and businesses across the country.

          Her works are mostly done in acrylic or in pastels and her technical ability shows itself especially in portriats of people and animals done from live models, as well as works done from photos.  Marilyn holds to an inspired philosophy to bring out the unique spirit that is hidden within each subject. 

       Marilyn’s accomplishments are continuing apace with the opening of her new business "Pet Protriats" located in Dog N Suds in Wayne, Migan. Her unique balance of keen organizational skills and refined artistic ability led her to be elected as President of Three Cities Art Club for almost 20 years.   


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